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Enhancing employee well-being + creating cultures of connection in your company.

A socially connected workforce is happier and more productive.

Connection Culture™ fosters authentic social connections among employees to enhance well-being and cultivate resilient, productive cultures.

Strong team relationships = healthy workplace cultures.

Connection Culture™ - the worlds first employee Social Well-being program.



increase job performance

Lack of connection isn’t just a culture problem - it’s a business problem.


Harvard Business Review reports that connected employees have a 56% increase in job performance.

increase engagement

Relationships improve workplace cultures.


Gallop reports that employees with strong work friendships are 7 times more likely to be engaged in their jobs, are better at engaging customers, and produce higher-quality work.

increase productivity

Authentic connection cultivates communication - the essential ingredient to a productive team.


Enboarder reports that 94% of employees are more productive when they feel connected to their colleagues.

Connection Culture™

Our workshop program is designed to elevate your organisations' social fabric, enhancing employee well-being and productivity through purposeful engagement and meaningful connections.



'Connection Culture™ helped us gain understanding of the stories and experiences that shaped us. We work in a demanding profession, where prioritising our clients needs always comes first. However, my colleagues feedback - exceeded my expectations. As “Re-connecting” with each other reminded us of the strength of human connections. The validation in being listened to with the intent of getting to know each other as individuals. We shared our histories, learnt lessons and how we have grown by overcoming life’s challenges. We became humble humans sharing our stories. Equally important was the opportunity to be listened to - with no judgment, no interest of changing anything , just being present. Respecting and accepting each other. In listening and sharing our stories - this Re-connection gave us much more than a one off team building exercise - it shown the light on each participant and highlighted the paths we followed to be who we are today. Thank you Nim.'


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